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Pre-Divorce Planning

Many aspects of divorce have financial consequences. If you are thinking about divorce, we urge you to become aware of your family’s finances, expenses and location of all assets. Many individuals enter...
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Custody and Parenting Plan Basics

In joint legal custody situations, each parent has the right and ability to have input on decisions for his or her children, including schooling, religion and medical care. Where the children spend their...
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California Child Support Guidelines

California family law provides a formula to determine child support. Various computer software programs have been created to conform to the mathematical formula provided under the law. We work hard to analyze all...
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Thoughtful Spousal Support Strategies

When both parties can reach an agreement outside of court, they can maintain control over their situation. Mediation and negotiation can also ensure creative resolutions to complex issues. Our lawyers understand that...
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Division of Assets Following an In-Depth Investigation

At Sandor & Tompkins A Law Corporation, we conduct in-depth investigation into each asset and debt. We understand that characterizing assets as either separate, community or mixed, and determining which category the assets...
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