Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

You want to get a divorce, but you don’t want to go to war.

If you and your spouse can be civil to each other, then you might be good candidates for divorce through mediation. The benefits of mediation are substantial – starting with significantly lower costs, a shorter time frame to a final resolution and substantially less stress and trauma.
We can mediate your divorce even if you don’t both already agree on custody arrangements for the children, even if one or both of you are self-employed or own a business and even if you have not agreed how to divide your property.
However, if your spouse has abused you or your children, is suspected to be hiding assets or loudly proclaims that she or he will take you to the cleaners, mediation almost certainly won’t work for you.

So, you want to try mediation. How does that work at Sandor & Tompkins?

  • It starts with a free 30 minute consultation with both spouses
  • You will then sign a simple retainer agreement
  • All communications will be with both of you simultaneously – no side meetings between one spouse and one of our lawyers
  • We will prepare and file for you a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • We will have two 90 minute mediation sessions with you to help you reach a mutually satisfactory settlement of all issues in your divorce – custody, support, division of assets, allocation of liabilities, disposition of pensions and retirement accounts, etc.
  • We will draw up the final paperwork for you to sign at our office and then will arrange filing with the courts

How much does mediation cost at Sandor & Tompkins?

We charge a flat fee of $6,500 for our services. Each additional 90-minute mediation session beyond the first two can be booked for an additional $750. We are available to schedule after-hours consultations and meetings.
At IrvineFamilyLawyers.com, we are mediators. Although we are all licensed attorneys with many years of experience in family law, we do not represent either you or your spouse. However, even though we are not formerly acting as either spouse’s lawyer, whatever is said in mediation does remain strictly confidential.


Ready for a consultation?

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