Orange County Custody and Visitation Attorneys

At Sandor & Tompkins A Law Corporation, our legal team understands that the key to a successful custody agreement is cordial, respectful co-parenting. It is important that children receive substantial and meaningful time with each parent. As dedicated divorce lawyers with nearly 100 years of combined experience, we strive to find creative solutions to complex family law matters.

Our attorneys can help you create a quality parenting plan that maximizes time with both parents.

Custody and Parenting Plan Basics

In joint legal custody situations, each parent has the right and ability to have input on decisions for his or her children, including schooling, religion and medical care. It basically empowers each parent with responsibility for raising his or her children. Where the children spend their time falls under physical custody and time share. California statutes do not provide a standard schedule for time share and they vary depending on many factors.

You have the opportunity to work with your spouse to create a viable parenting plan. When both parties cannot agree, the court will step in and decide who receives physical and legal custody. Our dedicated legal team can discuss your short- and long-term goals to ensure your parenting plan is tailored to the best interests of all parties and the children. Custody orders are modifiable in all cases as the needs of your child change over time.

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