California Child Support Guidelines

The California divorce code provides a formula to determine child support. Various computer software programs have been created to conform to the mathematical formula provided under the law. We work hard to analyze all of the appropriate information that should be included in these calculations. The careful and complete gathering of accurate information is crucial to obtaining an appropriate child support award. At Sandor & Tompkins A Law Corporation, our lawyers understand these complex child support guidelines. We strive to find creative solutions to your divorce-related issues.

Our Irvine child support attorneys possess nearly 100 years of combined legal experience. We understand the financial burdens associated with divorce. Our goal is to navigate you through the child support guidelines to help you understand the support you may be receiving, or the support you may be obligated to pay — based on your unique situation.

The formula calculates several factors to determine support. These factors include, among other information:

  • Income from all sources
  • Time each parent spends with each child
  • Tax deductions and exemptions received by each parent

Creative Resolutions

California child support guidelines factor each parent’s income as part of the formula. Without proper planning and representation, you could face undue child support obligations, or you could receive less than you deserve.

Our lawyers possess sophisticated knowledge of cash flow analysis. Our extensive experience handling these issues enables us to evaluate your situation creatively to properly represent the cash flow available to enter into the formula. When necessary, we also consult with forensic accountants to help trace income and evaluate cash flow.

We are committed to protecting your rights at every stage of your case. If you or your former spouse experiences a substantial change in financial circumstances, we can help you pursue or oppose a child support modification.

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