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At Sandor & Tompkins A Law Corporation, we are committed to handling family law matters. We will evaluate your situation thoroughly to determine the best course of action. Our California legal team is dedicated to helping clients achieve creative resolutions through negotiation and mediation. We understand that mediation empowers individuals to find resolutions tailored to their needs and goals.

Our lawyers are often asked by other attorneys to act as mediators to help their clients resolve complicated divorce issues. Our Orange County divorce attorneys have built a reputation for providing creative, cost-effective solutions through our mediation practice.

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We understand that family law issues are life events for our clients. Spousal support, child support, custody and asset division, as well as other related matters can be stressful. Our legal team focuses our time, talent and resources to helping clients get through the legal system without being traumatized.

When you retain Sandor & Tompkins, your matter will be handled personally by an experienced lawyer — not an inexperienced junior attorney or support staff member. Our ability to guide clients through the divorce process effectively and efficiently enables clients to move on to the next phases of their lives.

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